Agriculture and construction machine manufacturer – implementation of a flat storage - case study

Our customer is an agriculture and construction machine manufacturer that has launched with Labadis a complete production plant transformation. We have led a flat storage work shop to improve the delivery response of the warehouse to the production line request.


Reduction of the line stoppage

Withdraw Kanban system to organize the delivery of parts on the line

Fork lift free and risk-free area in the warehouse piking zone and assembly plant


Customer situation

  • Production lines are often down because of missing parts linked to the delivery lead time from warehouse
  • High rack storages require fork lift and specific equipment that are expensive, dangerous and not efficient
  • Storage height doesn’t allow a visual management of the stock


Labadis diagnostic

  • Warehouse picking lead time is higher than the assembly lines requested lead time. To be able to supply parts on time, warehouse anticipates the request and creates a sub storage on the floor.
  • Packaging filling rate is low, even if all locations are occupied, warehouse contains a lot of empty volumes
  • Space between two pallet racks is twice the width of the pallet rack itself
  • Repacking is done all along the production flow with small quantities

Picture: Labadis Laval Flat storage


Labadis solution

  • Direct access to all parts from the ground without any lifting device = flat storage
  • Use the same packaging to feed the line and stock in the warehouse
  • Repack all parts in the correct packaging before storing them
  • Depending on the quantity to stock, create 3 to 4 areas designed in terms of storage type (gravity racks, trolleys) and length

Picture: Labadis Laval Flat storage

Labadis’project stages

The Labadis system

The Labadis system saves costs and space, improves quality, enhances teams safety and comfort, and reduces waste.

Flat storage
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