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Designer of a material system to improve the productivity of manufacturers and distributors

Labadis system

A set of material and organizational solutions to optimize the operation of material flows in factories and logistics warehouses. The modularity of the solutions allows an industrialization and a fast implementation.


Observe, analyze and design solutions to optimize workstations.


Easily transfer just what is needed from the truck to the assembly line.


Storing at the right size of the production, without machinery, always at man’s height.

Material solutions

High-performance, modular and easy-to-install material solutions to increase productivity, improve ergonomics and gain production space.

Handling trolley

Handling trolley


Bacs Labadis L0119 modélisé en 3D et texturé

Small train logistic

Ergomoveur Labadis modélisé en 3D et texturé

Line side and workstation

Rack de picking Labadis 3D et texturé

Flat storage

Chariot Rollis Labadis avec bac stockés dans un STAP

Logistic Loop

Labadis déchargement de chariot d'un camion depuis un quai

Kanban system

Boîte à lot Labadis modélisé en 3D et texturé

Visual communication

Panneau de communication Labadis

Case Studies

Discover the different problems our clients have faced and how the Labadis system has responded.
Poclain – Kitting trolley

Poclain – Kitting trolley

Results No more supply disruptions Line edge compactness Reduced aisles Improved efficiency 1. Customer issue Poclain is an industrial company that manufactures hydraulic radial piston motors for large constructions and agricultural handling equipment. The engine line...

Virax – Redevelopment of the production line

Virax – Redevelopment of the production line

Here are the results of a HOSHIN project (Lean manufacturing tools) carried out at VIRAX in order to simply and efficiently optimize the operation of a manual production line. Results Labadis intervention on the production line at Virax allowed them to obtain the...

They have adopted the Labadis system

John Deer

Our field approach to lean manufacturing

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Designing a line side delivery

Designing a line side delivery

Line side delivery, what is it? Let's take the analogy of the restaurant: you are at the table, there are plates, bottles, salt, pepper and bread in front of you. You serve yourself regularly at your own pace. The waiter on his side, comes to supply the table at a...

How to design a good industrial packaging?

How to design a good industrial packaging?

You have problems with damaged parts, overpackaged, scratches, missing parts, falls, containers that change with each delivery. They are different but their problems stem from the same origin: packaging! What is a good industrial packaging? Here are 9 rules to follow...

Press article #6 : tips against the coronavirus at work

Press article #6 : tips against the coronavirus at work

Our Chinese subsidiary has allowed us to understand day after day how China has adapted to fight covid-19. Before the epidemic arrived in France, we set up a working group to identify risky behaviours, find solutions to implement and then deploy them within the...