Rollis Handling trolleys

Turn the handling of parts into a smooth operation that everyone can do. The handling trolley optimize the storage of all kinds of parts. Thanks to the Rollis system, all handling trolley are adapted to be transported in a small train.

Box transport

Small, medium, large formats, discover all our handling trolley to move and store all your containers and cartons in Europe format.

Flat pieces transport

Large parts don’t have to mean large handling trolley. Find out how to transport your large parts in a minimum of space while improving ergonomics for the user.

Cylinders transport

Small or large diameter, large or small width, discover our range of handling trolley adapted to the type of your cylindrical parts.

Bulky pieces transport

Fragile, unstable, heavy… voluminous parts often add constraints to their transport and storage. Discover our solutions adapted to these parts.

Granules & liquids transport

Liquid or granular products can present risks during transport, storage and be a source of dirt during use. Discover our range of handling trolley eliminating these problems.

Wastes transport

The selective sorting of waste has become an environmental and economic issue. Its effectiveness depends on the respect of the sorting of materials and that requires that it is easy to use. Discover our entire range of handling trolley for waste transportation.

Transport of specific / customized parts

When 99% of the parts are processed with standard solutions, there are still specific parts that require development. Our design office can integrate these parts into the Labadis system.

Our other material solutions

Discover all our ranges that can be connected together and adapted to all configurations and environmental constraints.


Small train logistic

Line side delivery & workstation

Flat storage

Logistical Loop

Kanban system

Visual communication

The Labadis system

The Labadis system saves costs and space, improves quality, enhances employee safety and comfort, and reduces waste.
Flat storage