Granules & liquids transport trolley

Liquid or granular products can present risks during transport, storage and can make things dirty during use. Discover our range of trolleys eliminating these problems.

Simple retention solution

The handling of less dangerous liquids can be done directly via a Europe container positioned on an ergonomic or non-ergonomic Rollis trolley.

Retention Rollis Trolley

The Retention Rollis system retains the liquid within the Rollis during all its use from delivery to recycling of the container, but also during storage and transfers within the plant.

Hopper Rollis Trolley

This Rollis was developed for the plastic industry which uses a wide range of grain references

Our other material solutions

Discover all our ranges that can be connected together and adapted to all configurations and environmental constraints.


Small train logistic

Line side delivery & workstation

Flat Storage

Logistical loop

Kanban system

Visual communication

The Labadis system

The Labadis system saves costs and space, improves quality, enhances employee safety and comfort, and reduces waste.
Flat Storage